Our strong position in the global forest products industry has helped Interpro build for the future. We plan to make sustainable investments in expanding across product lines and geographic markets. In pursuing these investments, our business continues to be driven by a set of core values that revolve around a common theme: To provide responsible economic and social benefits to all of our stakeholders.

To our suppliers

We do our best to maintain mutually-beneficial relationships while offering support and assistance whenever possible.

To our customers

High quality, market-matched, and well-priced products are coupled with the proper handling of documentation and transportation logistics in a way that optimizes delivery time and customer satisfaction while lowering the customer's costs.

To the environment and the community

We express environmental leadership and secure sources of supply from mills that demonstrate and implement forestry stewardship initiatives and proper sustainability programs.

To our employees

We foster a supportive working environment in which personal and company goals will be attained.