Global Buyers Mission in Whistler, B.C.

International buyers of forest products gathered in Whistler, B.C., from September 8th to the 10th to participate in the 8th annual Global Buyers Mission (GBM). Deemed as one of industry's top tradeshows in North America, the GBM included a diverse selection of supply chain participants, ranging from lumber distributors to wood product manufacturers to wooden packaging companies to architects.

Delegations from emerging Asian markets, most notably China, were actively involved and engaged in strategic discussions with Canadian forest products companies. As this vital region emerges as a regional and global economic powerhouse, B.C.'s apealing forest products industry will come to receive significant international attention.

Interpro Forest Products actively participated in the tradeshow by meeting with delegations and prospective international buyers to discuss and to promote Canadian lumber. Although Interpro is regularly exporting to the Asian Subcontinent and Asia Pacific region, Interpro acknowledges that satisfying the lumber needs of the emerging markets can pose a significant challenge to many Canadian companies. However, Interpro has capitalized by properly informing prospective buyers about Canadian lumber products and by sharing market information to ensure the buyer's requirements are correctly matched.

Interpro was very pleased with the GBM and viewed the tradeshow as a strategic platform to connect with international buyers. Interpro thanks B.C. Wood (a non-profit trade association that represent B.C.'s forest products industry) for professionally organizing the entire event.