IndiaWood 2012

Companies across the global forest products industry India's diverse forest products industry gathered in Bangalore from February 10 – 14 to participate in the annual wood show in India. This impressive exhibition included visitors from India's growing sawmilling, wood machinery, and lumber sectors.

India's internal economic strength is fueling lumber imports to feed their increasingly growing appetite. Historically an importer of hardwood logs from Malaysia and Indonesia and softwood logs from New Zealand, India has gradually started to accept sawn lumber from Canada and the United States.

North American species are gaining popularity as a versatile product replacement which can be used in various different external and internal applications. Kiln-dried, heated-treated, and smoothly surfaced Canadian SPF and American SYP are not only cost-effective alternatives, but they have inherently superior wood characteristics.

Although opportunities exist for Canadian and American forest products suppliers, India suffers from poor infrastructure and congestion which is inevitably raising logistics costs for importers. Another tough challenge for suppliers will be India's global access to substitute products. Being a price sensitive market, the volatility of the North American sawn timber market will encourage importers to set their sights for logs and lumber from the east.

Interpro Forest Products is actively working with importers, distributors, and end-users to provide information about North American species, grades, and sizes. Understanding the Indian supply chain and segmenting the market will be approaches Interpro will be taking to strategically market North American species into this optimistic market.

Interpro's stall was located in the Canadian Pavilion Section of the IndiaWood trade show.