Softwood, Hardwood, and Panel Exports

Interpro Forest Products is the organization's corporate headquarters and flagship company. Alongside performing the functions of a corporate office, Interpro Forest Products deals in distributorship of Softwood, Canadian lumbers in wholesale. Lumber derived from softwood, Canadian lumbers are the major products in which Interpro
Forest Products is engaged.

Interpro Forest Products has established satellite offices in the USA, South Korea, the Philippines, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have joined regional cooperative contract partnerships in the Subcontinent, the Far East, and South East Asia. To take advantage of the economic surge in the Far East and South East Asia over the past few years, we added to our sales department a sales team to support these lumber markets. With export activity exceeding 200 million board feet (equivalent to 470,000 m3) per year and expanding across 15 countries, Interpro Forest Products is the one of the leading exporters of Canadian lumber, sawn wood, and panel products in North America.

From boards to dimensional lumber to specialty wood products to plywood, we offer a diverse selection of finished products at a competitive price primarily due to our strong relationships with Canadian and United States manufacturers and global shipping lines. Based on strong commitments and proactive support, Interpro Forest Products has also developed supply lines from more than 10 supply hubs across the world from South America to Eastern Europe.

What further contributes to the company's competitive advantage is our local market knowledge. The ability to identify industry-specific requirements, markets trends, and commonly marketed products plays a pivotal role in fully satisfying our customer's needs.

Effective marketing capabilities and knowledge of the local market and culture have bestowed Interpro a strong presence in the Middle East. To further strength our competitive positioning in this increasing vital hub of economic growth, Interpro established Interpro Forest Products Dubai which serves as the regional head office to the Middle East and Asian Subcontinent.

The regional office participates in the marketing and distribution of lumber, sawn wood, and panel products into these regions. Not only does our location play a pivotal role in conferring our customers with opportunities from the ongoing development activity, the major success factors of our Canadian operations are present in Interpro Forest Products Dubai. Aside from our access to a global supplier network, our knowledge of the forest products markets in the Middle East and Asian Subcontinent enhances our marketing capabilities greatly. We can effectively create demand and a brand presence for suppliers and their products and provide the end-users with a broad product portfolio that will meet industry-requirements or customized demands.