Boxes and Crates

IWI manufactures custom-built high-quality wooden boxes and crates for material packaging and handling. In addition to customized sizes, treatments, and grades of the lumber, IWI can also manufacture boxes and crates from plywood and MDF. Our commonly produced boxes:

2 way entry open-air box 2 way entry closed-air box 4 way entry open-air box 4 way entry closed-air box.

Our crate products are tailored to specific design requirements. Interpro has become the leading experts in providing wooden crates to glass producing companies.


Wooden pallets

There are a set of variables in the design and style characteristics of wooden pallets which are industry and country-specific. All pallets are categorized as block or stringer pallets. A majority of industries require wooden pallets to be configured to allow for 2-way or 4-way forklift entry depending on the nature and weight of the handled material and the ease of accessibility for transportation required. Design and style features are typically industry-specific.

Such characteristics are:

  • Raw material inputs  (softwood/hardwood lumber, plywood, MDF)
  • Sizes and dimensions
  • Treatments (Heat treated)
  • Reversibility (Reversible or non-reversible)

The intended usability of Wooden pallets, whether used multiple or limited times, impacts the grade of the raw material input utilized to construct the pallet. IWI manufactures block and stringer wooden pallets with adaptable standards to meet the needs of various industry and customer designs and style requirements. With integrated manufacturing capabilities and a customer-centric model, IWI can produce a pallet with multiple combinations of the above mentioned characteristics to satisfy any particular request.


In the handling, storing, and transportation of unitized materials, wooden frames provide additional support and stability. Frames are completely or partially bordered around the unitized package to ensure proper handling without the possibility of separation. IWI produces these wooden frames to match any specifications.