Canadian Lumber

Canadian Lumber Exporters

Canada has the third largest forested area in the world with different types of species. Many countries use Canadian lumber in the construction of their products, homes as well as buildings. This fast rising demand makes it vital for the exporting companies to fulfill the industrial and commercial demand as well as manage the forests across the region at the same time.

Interpro Forest Products is one of the leading exporters of Canadian lumber, sawn wood, & panel products in North America. If you are seriously looking for lumber, lumber products, wooden packaging & handling solutions that will satisfy your demands, then Interpro Forest Products can help you to find the best quality lumber. We will deliver it safely to you through our strong transportation system. Our high quality Canadian lumber is sure to fulfill your commercial needs.

Our lumber is strong, durable and reliable for different applications. Our products are suitable for flooring, decking, and exterior construction as well as trim work. You can also use it for interior/exterior wall paneling, cladding and sauna panels, etc. In fact, it is ideal for transportation material such as boxes and crates, pallets and frames. Our crates, boxes, pallets and other lumber products are specifically tailored to meet industrial design requirements. In fact, Interpro has become the leading experts in providing wooden crates to glass producing companies.

We are committed to offer high quality, market-matched, and well-priced products to our customers. It will optimize the delivery time and customer satisfaction while lowering the customer's costs at the same time. We promote a supportive working environment in which personal as well as company goals will be attained.

Thank you for your interest in Interpro Forest Products!