Softwood Lumber

Softwood Lumber Exporters & Distributors

InterPro Forest Products provides a wide range of lumber cut to standard lengths and in different grades that will fulfill your commercial or industrial needs. Whether you need construction grade lumber or higher end lumber, we can offer you the needed product and deliver your shipment to you on time.

Interpro Group is a group of companies, which collectively operate as a global forest products organization. Our two major business areas are: Exporting softwood, hardwood, and panel products and Manufacturing wooden products. Many countries buy different types of lumber from us. We have experience in dealing with many different parts of the world.

We are committed to provide highest-grade softwood lumber that can be used in used for a wide variety of millwork items, from interior/exterior wall paneling to cladding. We provide limitless combinations of species, specifications and colors as per the needs of the customers. Our softwood lumber is known for its great versatility as well as strength. It can give great aesthetic appeal to any interior or exterior project.

Our experience in softwood lumber, gained over decades of meeting the industrial lumber needs of companies. Whatever your softwood requirements may be, we will work with you to make sure that you get the most appropriate lumber product at the best possible price.

Based on strong commitments and support, Interpro Forest Products has also developed supply lines from more than 10 supply hubs across the world from South America to Eastern Europe.

Please contact us for further details on softwood lumber or Canadian lumber. Thank you for your interest in Interpro Forest Products!